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Di Stark [userpic]
by Di Stark (getyourzexion)
at March 20th, 2008 (12:26 am)

Lèon closed his eyes briefly and cursed whatever gods that would listen as he caught sight of familiar blond hair in the distance.

It wasn't that Lèon disliked the young prince, in actual fact, it was exactly the opposite - and Lèon, having been caught entirely off-guard by this odd feeling, had taken to avoiding the prince. Not in such a manner that it would be noticed by anyone, or compromise his duties, but he took care not to venture to the areas that Lisle was known to frequent, unless entirely necessary.

Lèon knew that he could never reveal that he was attracted to the prince - not that he had quite figured out that he was, so to speak. He was a knight of Ilasia, hardly anyone of any remarkable importance, and of course - he was quite obviously male, and therefore completely  out of the question.

Dismounting his horse, Lèon had hoped that Lisle was simply passing by, and that he could get by without having to deal with the prince. The uncomfortable tightning in Lèon's chest grew as he heard the prince call out to him.

"Sir Lèon,"

Taking a deep breath, and steadying himself, Lèon turned towards Lisle, managing to keep his expression neutral.

"Ah, Your Highness," Leon bowed, before straightening up once more with a small smile, "Is there something I can assist you with?"