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Felicia Kain [userpic]
by Felicia Kain (feliciakain)
at March 18th, 2008 (03:50 pm)

Lisle leaned on the wooden fence, his eyes locked on a dapple-gray gelding in the distance. The horse itself was of no interest to the prince; its rider, however, was. His light green eyes followed the horse and knight's progress as they came steadily closer and closer to where he stood.

Lisle had a secret. One that he kept hidden deep in his heart. One that would be the utter end of his existence were it to ever surface. That secret was simple.

Lisle liked those of his own sex. He was attracted to other men.

What was more... Lisle held an ever-growing infatuation for Lèon Fleuette, a knight of Ilasia.

He sighed as Lèon smiled, patting his horse as they came ever nearer. He couldn't help but smile himself, even if the older man's expression wasn't directed at him.

"Sir Lèon," he called when the other was close enough to hear. He waited.

Royal decorum stated that the knight would need to bow and greet him before he could say anything else.