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Di Stark [userpic]
by Di Stark (getyourzexion)
at May 16th, 2008 (07:19 pm)

Lisle was avoiding looking toward him. So he had been obvious. Lèon cursed his bad luck, and tried his hardest to act like nothing was amiss.

He allowed the silence to stretch between them. It was slightly uncomfortable, admittedly, but he couldn't think of the slightest thing to say following his recent revelation.

He was mildly relieved when the Prince took it upon himself to speak, but felt the relief quickly fade as the younger man enquired about his plans.

'A lady? ...Could it truly be that he hadn't noticed?' Lèon breathed a sigh of relief, looking a great deal less troubled.

"Ah, a lady, no. Nothing of the sort." Lèon laughed slightly, "I should like to visit an old childhood friend of mine, however. He recently moved here, and I've been rather... busy and haven't seen him for a while."

Lèon's eyes softened at the recollection of his old friend, Alexandre, and could already imagine his put-out expression at Lèon's extended absence.

"I should imagine that Aveline will give me quite the lecture for that, however." Lèon sighed, shaking his head fondly. Aveline was Alexandre's younger sister, and although she had made it quite clear that she liked Lèon as more than a friend, Lèon had always viewed her as a little sister and hoped she had grown out of the infatuation she held for him.