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Di Stark [userpic]
by Di Stark (getyourzexion)
at March 22nd, 2008 (06:10 pm)

Lèon smiled slightly as he watched the prince stride off towards the stables. Laying a hand on his horse's neck, he followed Lisle.

"Argent. With me." he commanded softly, the horse whinnied and heeded his master's order.

In all truth, Lèon was not fond of visiting the town. He always seemed to attract far too much attention, which bothered him. Every time he went to town, he would, without fail, be approached - and no matter how often it happened, he still found it surprising that they knew his name.

Despite this, he found that he couldn't refuse Lisle. The prince had said that he was planning to go alone, but an irrational part of Lèon had been nagging in the back of his mind, saying that if he refused, Lisle would ask someone else to go with him. And although he had no idea why - the very idea bothered him, the twisting in his chest, although uncomfortable, not entirely unpleasant, changing into something darker.

At the stable entrance, Lèon held up his hand, Argent slowing to a stop beside him. A faint smile tugging at his lips, Lèon merely watched the prince, forcing his mind from such thoughts.


Posted by: Felicia Kain (feliciakain)
Posted at: April 5th, 2008 05:00 am (UTC)

I finally replied. Sorry it took so long, m'dear. ;o;

I've been dealing with some things. <3

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