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Felicia Kain [userpic]
by Felicia Kain (feliciakain)
at March 21st, 2008 (10:52 pm)

Lisle concentrated on the other. He noted that the older man had to look away and the prince vaguely wondered if Lèon had guessed his feelings.

Was he so obvious? Did he need to be more careful? Was his most guarded confession inked into his skin just as the many stories and ways of the gypsies were inked into theirs? Was the utter truth of his feelings glowing out through his eyes like a lantern in the fog?

Lisle had heard of the other knight's rumors that Lèon had a lady in town. They told all sorts of stories about who was doing what with whom on the many evenings that he ate among them. He refused to believe them, but there was always that pang of fear that the knights and squires were right. He could never bring himself to ask him either.

When Lèon spoke once more, however, it was with over-eager hope that Lisle saw something in his knight's eyes. Happiness? Contentment? Pleasure?

Or maybe... discomfort?

He pushed his chaotic thoughts away. He bowed his own head slightly and quickly crawled over the fence to join Lèon on the other side.

"Then by all means, Lèon, I will saddle up Noir, and we can be on our way."

He started off toward the stables not once looking back to see if the other male followed, but praying to the Gods that he did.