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Di Stark [userpic]
by Di Stark (getyourzexion)
at March 21st, 2008 (11:36 pm)

Lèon's throat went dry at Lisle's words, and he struggled for a moment to keep his composure, having to look away from the blond for the moment. All the effort he'd put into staying away from the prince, making sure he was nowhere near him - it was exactly the situation that he least wanted to be in.

The other knights had noticed too, often asking why he'd taken to disappearing regularly. He hadn't said anything, but he supposed one of them had suggested that he had a girl in the town, and they'd all taken that to be the reason. Lèon saw no reason to disillusion them.

And yet, he still felt exceedingly compelled to accept Lisle's request. Lèon's eyes shifted from his horse to the younger man before him, willing his voice to sound normal.

"Of course, Prince Lisle. I would be honored." Lèon gave another slight bow, "I was intending to visit town today, myself."

A lie, he hadn't planned anything of the sort, but it sounded plausible enough.

And, although the odd twisting in his chest hadn't subsided, he managed to keep his gaze steady on the prince, even manging a smile.